Yes, it’s true. We have reached the staggering milestone of over ONE HUNDRED subscribers. That’s a 1 with two 0s, folks. Nothing can stop us now.

And now, as a direct result, we have realized our dream: to have our own YouTube custom URL. This is it:

Isn’t it beautiful?

Okay, I’d kind of like to take out the “/c” bit so it’s easier to just tell people what it is without having to add in the /c and all that. But I suppose that’s just what YouTube does to tell you this is a channel and so we just kind of have to deal with it.

Here it is again:

The old one was which isn’t NEARLY as nice. is SO much nicer.

Anyway. Thanks, everybody. Can’t wait to put more videos on this beautiful custom license plated channel we have. Well, I have to wait because we’re in the middle of some things that are eating up our free time. But after that.