Breaking news: we have a YouTube custom URL

Breaking news: we have a YouTube custom URL

Yes, it’s true. We have reached the staggering milestone of over ONE HUNDRED subscribers. That’s a 1 with two 0s, folks. Nothing can stop us now.

And now, as a direct result, we have realized our dream: to have our own YouTube custom URL. This is it:

Isn’t it beautiful?

Okay, I’d kind of like to take out the “/c” bit so it’s easier to just tell people what it is without having to add in the /c and all that. But I suppose that’s just what YouTube does to tell you this is a channel and so we just kind of have to deal with it.

Here it is again:

The old one was which isn’t NEARLY as nice. is SO much nicer.

Anyway. Thanks, everybody. Can’t wait to put more videos on this beautiful custom license plated channel we have. Well, I have to wait because we’re in the middle of some things that are eating up our free time. But after that.

Pizza dough, so easy you can make it blindfolded.

Pizza dough, so easy you can make it blindfolded.

There’s plenty of pizza dough recipes on YouTube, but none of them have the thrill of danger and potential disaster that most people seek. Learn how to make pizza dough at home easily and without looking. Unsubscribe Below is not responsible for the inevitable messes and possible burns you may endure as a result.

Moronic: A Parody Song

Moronic: A Parody Song

When we started this channel, we thought, “Let’s stay away from politics entirely.”

Then we got to riffing around on Alanis Morissette‘s “Ironic”, and, well, the parody just kind of wrote itself before we knew what had happened. And we couldn’t hold it in any longer. In fact, there’s so much material to work with that the biggest problem was the song wasn’t long enough to fully describe all the astounding incompetence and idiocy and outright cruelty we’ve witnessed over the last four years. We might just have to do another one…

We hope you enjoy it. Some of you will love it and some of you will hate it. Either way – make sure you vote in November!

Original song “Ironic” by Alanis Morissette.
Lyrics by Unsubscribe Below.
Photo credit for thumbnail & end card – Gage Skidmore.
Special thanks to Donald Trump. We couldn’t have done it without you.
(We just realized we misspelled hydroxychloroquine! The horrors! Kirsten is a compulsive spellchecker and will lose sleep for days over this one. But unlike some people, she is able to own up to mistakes she has made.)

This is our first blog post on our shiny new website

so it’s got to be really eye-catching and live-changing, which puts a lot of pressure on us to write something extremely clever that is excellent for marketing and search-engine optimization and will also convey a lot about who we are and what we do. Maybe we should get a testimonial from someone, like this:

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. In varius vitae mi et facilisis. Aliquam eget velit enim. Vivamus mi orci, aliquet non mauris eu, mattis euismod tortor. Aliquam nec purus vitae arcu maximus ultricies at id mauris. Ut ipsum eros, facilisis eu tortor eget, molestie egestas elit. Proin vitae justo id nunc vulputate facilisis non sed augue.

– Somebody Famous

Also I think we’re supposed to have a “call to action” that goes something like “subscribe to our YouTube channel here“.

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